About Theatre Arts Productions

Posted by: Mike Klier, Producer/Artistic Director-Agent

(“Unique Today and a Classic Tomorrow!”)
Mr. Michael J. Klier- Actor-Director-Producer-Handler-Agent-Entrepeneur

Well, where to start. How about the beginning. Michael J. Klier is a home grown success story. With a B.A. in theater from the University of Detroit and a double Masters from Michigan State University and a resume that spans the local, national and international stage it seemed no one really knew where Mr. Klier would land. Except that is for Mr. Klier he always knew. He has always loved this area and it was for him the only choice he could possibly make. Stay in the Detroit area and make entertainment & theater work. Though warned by many that entertainment and a performing arts theater could never work hand in hand and for sure could never be successful in the “Metropolitan Detroit Area,” Mr. Klier didn’t listen and consequently achieved success in both areas.

You see, Mr. Klier has had quite an extensive background in the acting and entertainment business. He has to his credit many roles as an accomplished actor and performer. His background is quite extensive. As a classic actor he has performed in Shakespeare, Moliere, Sheridan, Shaw, Ibsen and Ionesco productions. As a lead and secondary lead in these productions he understands the inner thoughts, needs and desires of the serious actor. As a singer, dancer and comic actor in some of the more well known musical productions of The Boyfriend, How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, Oklahoma, Brigadoon, The Fantasticks, and Guys and Dolls Mr. Klier has proven himself a well versed and understanding performer of the craft. If this wasn’t enough he has also performed in the serious dramas of our day. The Crucible, Slow Dance on the Killing Ground, Summer & Smoke, Oh Dad Poor Dad Mama’s Hung You in the Closet and I’m Feeling So Sad, To Kill a Mocking Bird, Wait Until Dark and many more. You see the point is this, with this kind of history Mr. Klier found himself in the unique position of obtaining knowledge and values of performance not just from a formal educational background but from the theater of hard work and first hand experience. He truly understands what it is to be an actor and performer in many artistic genres not just a few.

This includes his extensive background and heartfelt love for the children’s theater world. As a performer he acted for several radio productions, stage and even a myriad of. television shows helping the very impressionable youth of his era.It is this love for children and how important they are to our world today and as leaders of tomorrow that Mr. Klier feels we can make an impact on these young minds and perhaps in a small way change the world for the better. In the 70’s when he ventured out with his newly founded Theatre Arts Productions entertainment and theatrical production company Mr. Klier had five different venues running simultaneously. Today is no different. He continues to keep multiple venues running and many actors-singers & entertainers busy doing what they do best.

To his credit he has always since that time kept up this professional pace. He has trained actors, handled entertainers and even had the privilege to work with some of the best. Robert Goulet, Rich Little, Whitney Houston and more have all worked under the Theatre Arts banner. But what makes Mr. Klier most proud is the opportunity to have worked with local professional entertainers, actors and more who though may not have the name recognition of the aforementioned professionals are in his mind as good or better. You see it is Mr. Klier’s belief that the Metro Detroit’s professionals have been extremely instrumental in his company’s success. That is why he continues enriching actors-entertainers & audiences on a very regular basis today and beyond.

His Musical revues span some of the eras in music that have gone by but thanks to Mr. Klier have not been forgotten. From the Roaring’ 20’s to the mellow 30’s & 40’s and more recently a tribute to the 50’s rock n’ roll. With his achievments the audience have been able to enjoy all sorts of musical taste. He is most notably known for his Motown productions and the variety of entertainers he handles. His productions have it all. And he and his company can boast an unheard of 200+ Children’s productions in schools, churches, malls and more.

Mr. Klier is also proud of his protege’s. And he is even more proud that many of them have gone on to movies, broadway and even many national tour successes. He has produced/directed in Vegas-Miami-Chicago-Dublin Ireland and more. And now here it is some 35 years later and he is still at it. Guess he did indeed make it work. Theatre Arts Productions continues with their very successful interactive Murder Mysteries, Comedy Weddings and Musical Cabarets. It is also excited about handling and offering exciting new performers and acts. Here are just a few:

George “Kat” Kaksakis a one man Big Band sound, whose saxophone stylings are second to none!

A variety of Vegas-Style Musical Productions“including our "Michael Vegas Show-A Tribute to the "Rat Pack Era!", Our Classic Rock & Comedy Show!"- A tribute to the greats of Classic Rock & Roll!" and many many more...

The Hummingbirds,” a fabulous Country Western Duo who were voted Detroit’s finest!

“The Tony Lannen Trio,” an up and coming hip new Jazz Group!

“The Guest Stars,” T.A.P.’s now famous childrens’ high energy self-esteem building musical performers.

“The Stubbs Girls,” a Top 40 & Motown Musical Act (All performers are related to Levi Stubbs of The Four Tops).

“Avy Schreiber,” renowned pianist arranger and songwriter.

“The Ladeez,” a trio of talented ladies who perrform music of the 60’s sound of Motown.

So, whether producing his own or booking other acts that range from Country-Western to Jazz & Blues, Blue Grass, Motown and Sentimental Journey productions, Mr Klier continues to find himself and his company in the Metro Detroit Area and loving every second of it.

Theatre Arts Productions, Your Entertainment Specialists truly is:

“Unique Today and a Classic Tomorrow!”