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"T.A.P.'s Halloween Madness!"
Brunch With Santa Musical Revue
On-Location in Metro Detroit
T.A.P.'s A Stubbs Girls Christmas
T.A.P.'s Another Madcap Murder Mystery
T.A.P.'s Avy Schrieber
T.A.P.'s Back to Bobby Socks!
T.A.P.'s BackTrack Lounge
T.A.P.'s Best Of Broadway
T.A.P.'s Bluegrass Boogie
T.A.P.'s Bob the Builder & Strawberry Shortcake
T.A.P.'s Bop Be-Bop & Blues
T.A.P.'s Breakfast With Santa
T.A.P.'s Breakfast With The Easter Bunny
T.A.P.'s Broadway Jazz
T.A.P.'s Children's Show
T.A.P.'s Classic Rock & Comedy Show
T.A.P.'s Comedy Italian Wedding
T.A.P.'s Comedy Murder Mystery
T.A.P.'s Comedy Night Live-Stand-Up!
T.A.P.'s Commercial Production
T.A.P.'s Cottontail Express
T.A.P.'s D.J.
T.A.P.'s Gospel Jazz Performance
T.A.P.'s Gospel Plus!
T.A.P.'s Haunted Ghost Train
T.A.P.'s Hearts & Roses Musical
T.A.P.'s Holiday Madness
T.A.P.'s Holiday Musical
T.A.P.'s Jazz and Blues Event!
T.A.P.'s Jazz for Kidz!
T.A.P.'s Junior Sports Fan Musical
T.A.P.'s Kool Kat's Heallhy Heart Musical
T.A.P.'s Kool Kat's Heart Healthy Musical
T.A.P.'s Let The Music Move You
T.A.P.'s Lou Rawls, Barry White, Marvin Gaye & Friends
T.A.P.'s Mardis Gras Madness
T.A.P.'s Michael Vegas "Tribute to Vegas!"
T.A.P.'s Motown Review
T.A.P.'s Murder High Jinx
T.A.P.'s Murder Madness
T.A.P.'s Murder On The Starclipper
T.A.P.'s Musical Melodies & Motown Memories!
T.A.P.'s Piano Stylings!
T.A.P.'s Polar Express Musical
T.A.P.'s Princess Musical
T.A.P.'s Private Music Event
T.A.P.'s Private Mystery Event
T.A.P.'s Ragtime With Rebecca!
T.A.P.'s Red,White & Battle Alley!
T.A.P.'s Return to the 70's & 80's
T.A.P.'s Robert Carter R&B Vocalist
T.A.P.'s Rockin' Rythm and Blues
T.A.P.'s Santa and Santa's Helper Show
T.A.P.'s Santa Train
T.A.P.'s Saxman
T.A.P.'s Sentimental Journey
T.A.P.'s Show Choir Class
T.A.P.'s St. Patricks Day Sing-A-Long
T.A.P.'s Tammy Sings Patsy Cline & Friends!
T.A.P.'s The Guest Stars
T.A.P.'s The Hummingbirds
T.A.P.'s The Stubbs Girls
T.A.P.'s Tigger and Pooh and Music Too!
T.A.P.'s Tribute to Elvis
T.A.P.'s Tribute To The Titanic!
T.A.P.'s Valentine Madness
T.A.P.'s Wacky-Witch Revue!
T.A.P.'s What's My Crime?
T.A.P.'s Who Shot The Sheriff?
TA.P.'s Monster Mash Revue!
Tap's Comedy Murder Mystery at Captain Joe's Whitmore Lake, MI
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