T.A.P.'s Sentimental Journey

The Michigan Star Clipper is buzzing about one of their favorite musical revues. Whether it’s Rockin’ the 50’s or the smooth jazz and standards of the 30’s & 40’s, this one has it all. It is the perfect recipe of musical hits from an era “gone by but not forgotten.” Sentimental Journey melodically sends you down the track without a care in the world. It catapults you back to a time when life was easier and stress was non-existent.

Just the clickety- clack of the train as life gently passes outside your window seat. This revue will help guide you to your destination in plenty of time to meet your honey at the station. Whether it’s the Blues you have or the Jazz you feel, this Be-Boppin’ Swing Era revue is a Sentimental Journey of relaxation and a musical trip back to the “Good Old Days.”