T.A.P.'s Back to Bobby Socks!

A Musical Experience from the 50’s & 60’s!”

Hey guys and gals slick back your hair put on your  poodle skirts slip on those bobby-sox and “Let’s Go To The Hop!”

The Michigan Star Clipper is recreating all the musical hits that made Dick Clark our first American Idol. That’s right it’s Bobby-Sox and Malted Milkshakes and a whole lot more. All this on board our moving train.

And this experience will move more than others. Because as the train rolls down the tracks, we Rock N’ Roll at our very own Sock- Hop inside.

Recreating those greatest hits are Theatre Arts Productions “Let’s Go To The Hop” performers. So, whether it’s Rockin’ to the 50’s or serenading the 60’s. Musical hits like “Proud Mary”, “Doo Waa Ditty”, “Age of Aquarius”, “Rock Around The Clock” and many more highlight this exciting musical adventure. You will twist, you will jitterbug you might even find yourself in the midst of a line dance. For sure there will be a Sadie Hawkins like “Ladies Choice.” And you will be swinging and jiving to the latest hits (Of the 50’s and 60’s of course) on the liveliest train in town “The Michigan Star Clipper Dinner Train.”

And speaking of Dinner Train look at this menu. (fill in the blanks) Wow! What an evening to remember!

So, as we hear the clickety- clack of the train and life gently passes us by outside your window seat inside you just won’t be able to sit still. This promises to be the most fun you ever had in a long, long time. Reserve early as seats go fast. And, when they’re gone they’re gone!