T.A.P.'s Best Of Broadway








T.A.P.'s Best of Broadway

Well known for their “Musical Revues” Theatre Arts Productions is it again. Their music is always uplifting, entertaining and memorable. This time they musically romp through many of The Great White Way’s Tony Award winners and yes, even some loser melodies All worth remembering it is a nostalgic trip down Boadway’s memory lane.

Starting off with a “No Business Like Show Business” opening number and musically gliding thru the 1920’s and upward into the 1930’s, 40’s and beyond. Whether it continues on thru this “Flapper Period”, to unforgettable songs and melodies that bring back great moments in theatrical history or it highlights the broadway music of today the audience is in for a great musical treat.

These “Golden Oldies” are then followed by a section that allows the audience to test it’s broadway musical knowledge.  Paying tribute to the winners and losers of Broadway’s opening and closing nights the audience gets to take an active part in showing off and winning, (or losing) the coveted… “Michigan Star Clipper  Broadway-Musical Conductor Awards!”

Treating audiences to beautiful voices and fun filled melodies all the way we then get to enjoy other themes and tributes of  yesteryear and today. So, whether you sing-a-long or win prizes or just enjoy you will  tap your feet and snap your fingers feeling good all the way as we musically traverse Broadway at its best. You see feeling good, laughing and enjoying the stay, that’s what these shows are all about.” So, come join the fun and fill your hearts with many musical memories!