T.A.P.'s Comedy Italian Wedding

Our Italian Comedy Wedding! (If it can go, wrong it does.Gifts are optional) Hysterically Ever-After Begins Right Here Right Now! Something borrowed, something blue, something old, everything is new! This mad attempt at Matrimonial Wedding planning leaves nothing as it should be. It is an evening to remember!Youll find yourself tossed into the middle of a wacky, wildly comical love affair. There is a procession! There is an exchange of vows! There is singing! There is dancing! And yes, there is even Another Man!But enough of that! Mama says: Enjoy it and no one gets hurt! What did you expect? You didnt have to buy a gift!This rib-tickling, mind boggling, matrimonial ceremony of mayhem and madness will have you crazy for more. Audience participation and involvement highlight this performance. Dance the Chicken Dance and Tarantella Meet the famous Papalito, (The King of Sausages) played by an unassuming audience member.Counsel the sweet yet disillusioned Angelina, as she and Bo (The Lost Groom), have their first lovers spat. But of course, alls well that ends! Well!? You have to see it to believe it! But getting there is all the fun! Enjoy Marital Bliss?, like you never have witnessed before.This one is just for you. And the good news is youre invited. It is the Kookiest wedding day ever. Seeing it is believing it! So, enjoy the party. Every one else is.Because, without you there is no party.