T.A.P.'s Comedy Murder Mystery






The audience finds themselves in the throws of an open audition for a made for T.V. movie. A musical called quite appropriately Murder Madness. Though all the solo acts are already spoken for, the producers do wish to use some extras and in small groups the audience gets to participate. Unfortunately, as fate and our comedy mystery would have it someone dies and it is now their job to help solve it.

Enter the Inspector-Inspector Ubet (pronounced you- bet). He swears in the audience as his assistants and the rest is an evening of comedy improv and murder mystery suspense.

Many of the characters are already household names. The witchy and conceited MS. Janice E. Joyce, successful talk-show host and still impossible to deal with. Her Ditsy twin sister Q.V. Joyce who really would like to be a star someday but for now has to settle to be kept backstage as Janice’s costumiere. Ace Handelum “Agent to the Stars” doting agent to Janice but also on the verge of a new and exciting promise with his latest discovery, the talented and most southern bimbo Nicole Purlington. Nicole hails from Chocolateville, Georgia and is sweet as swet can be. Or, is she?

These characters and these questions can all be enjoyed and answered in this ever-popular madcap Murder Mystery, Murder Madness. You have to see it to believe it!