T.A.P.'s Gospel Plus!

T.A.P.’s Gospel Plus!Theatre Arts has put together another innovative and exhilarating themed performance.

It is “The Gospel Show!” Familiar beats twist into a melody of funk and fusion that were once Detroit’s beginnings of Gospel and it fills the air. You simply won’t believe the excitement, the sound & the passion. These melodies take on words & stories are heard and we all praise witness to the Lord. It is a traditional gospel experience mixed with musical vigor and love that makes this a themed experience like no other.Our Gospel singers have voices that are gifts from above. These voices mix singing and praise that clearly lead the vanguard of musical showmanship. With a lively produced and performed sound of jazz and blues all we can say is “Let the praise begin.” And begin it does. Our group’s glossy harmonies sound like pop and praise all in one.They draw in the audience who recognize their cues that both pop and gospel performers use and all are free to proclaim their beliefs. Wow! Is this something to move you beyond your dreams? It is! It is inspirational as well as edgy and the aromas and flavors of real life makes it an easy place to be as you proclaim your love for him. Feel free to shout the proper responses and sing praise for this is “The Gospel Show” where your faith and hope is reaffirmed once again.