T.A.P.'s Murder High Jinx

                                                             Dossiers of Characters

(If you don’t read this, you won’t know what is going on.)



Nicole Purlington- Auditioner, “Cute One”

First off, I wish to make it very clear I WILL be a star!  I’m sorry about being so forward but

Michael, my audition coach says, “If you don’t blow your own horn, who will?”  I’m sweet,

demure and willing to help anyone who needs it.  At the moment things are a little rough

as I find myself in debt.  But this going to change soon.  I can feel it.

I just know I will!

Favorite movie:  “Bambi”


Janice Joyce-Talk Show Host

Excuse me, but why I even have to audition is beyond comprehension.  I’m the best & that

is the end of it.

I control this business.  I am once again receiving these annoying threats and vicious letters.

I am sure it’s just another jealous scheme to try to scare me.  Well, they can

forget it!  I don’t scare easily.  For that matter, I don’t scare at all.  Now that you have

had a chance to get to know me,  I’m sure you love and adore me! 

Of course, you do.  You’re all nothing but low-life scum. 

Favorite movie:  “Psycho”


“Ace” Handelum- Top Agent

Look, in this business you do what you have to do.  The competition tries to undercut you, the

producers barely listen to you and the performers all think they’re more talented

than they really are.  However, I’m becoming the

Top-Dog of the agencies and will soon be able to write my own ticket!  They

will choose who I say, I always finagle the final choice or else there is no choice at all.

Favorite movie:  “Austin Powers”


Q.V. Joyce- Costumer

I am highly successful film and video costumer, no thanks to my sister, who has seen fit

to ignore me on her climb to the top.  We are twins.  Yes, two slices of life from the

same slice of pie, and I don’t mean pizza-pie.  Though Janice has always

been the big cheese of the family.  I know it’s time for that to change.

Favorite movie:  “Dumb and Dumberererer”

P.S. Q.V.  stands for “You figure it out!”



This evening much of the mystery is created by you and your

participation. All super-sleuths can solve the mystery.  Remain

alert as the clues will be happening around you.



Murder Mystery & Mayhem


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