T.A.P.'s Murder On The Starclipper

Tonight you the audience will become part of the press and scientific community awaiting the announcement of a brand new discovery. A discovery that will revolutionize the use of power as we know it today. This great discovery will be revealed on this trip aboard The Michigan Star Clipper Dinner Train. All of you have been invited to attend this historic event but alas, as the discovery is about to be revealed we find the professor inventor of the discovery that he has been murdered. Now of course the age old question Who Dunnit?

With the help of the professor’s French assistant and the princess, Ferula Bulgaria both of whom are also here tonight and of course the professor’s esteemed associate Dr. Kilgore we are whisked away into an Agatha Christie like murder mystery. Complete with just enough clues just enough red herrings and just enough humor to make your evening complete. You will do your best to figure it out and some of you will and some of you won’t but fear not because the surprise ending will fool even the finest of inquisitive detectives like you. Happy sleuthing.