T.A.P.'s Princess Musical









'Theatre Arts ,' “The Musical  Princesses!”

Visit with your favorite princess characters! Enjoy their musical performance and dream that you might one day be a princess too. Every little girl dreams of being a princess. But now you get to meet-greet-sing & take photos with the real live princesses. Participating in our interactive musical performance will be a memory your child will not soon forget. It’s a chance to wear your favorite princess costume and Sing-A-Long to familiar princess tunes. Mom’s & daughters, Grandmother’s & Granddaughters, Aunts & Nieces, and even Dad’s & daughters this is a special day!


It is a fantasy come to life and you are there to experience it all. Take all the pictures you like. Whatever you do don’t forget you cameras because this enchanting experience is a once in a lifetime event. It is all there just for you. Smile, think lovely thoughts and enjoy TAP’s “Musical Princesses Production!”