T.A.P.'s Rockin' Rythm and Blues

Rockin’ Rhythm & Blues starring: our very own “Sophisticated Duos”! (“Jump Blues”, Rhythm and a whole lot more).
Theatre Arts Productions ask; What is Rockin’ Rhythm & Blues? The answer is an easy one. Most commonly R & B is understood to mean a description of sophisticated urban music that had been developing since the early 1930s. When cabaret singers started making blues-based records with humorous lyrics and upbeat rhythms that owed as much to boogie-woogie as to the classic blues forms R & B was born. This music, sometimes called jump blues, set a pattern that became the dominant popular music form during and for some time after World War II. Today its’ music highlights our very own Rockin’ Rhythm & Blues presentation. Some of Detroit’s finest R & B groups join us to show off their talents and you the viewing audience are the recipients of a night to remember. During your nostalgic journey back to the days of elegant clubs and sophisticated entertainment. The musical styles of Lena Horne, Josephine Baker, Eartha Kitt and many more will be performed for you. Your evening concludes with our professional and polished entertainers musically sending you on your way. Great entertainment and an evening to remember forever will linger with beyond this very chic and cool evening.