T.A.P.'s Who Shot The Sheriff?

This is a case of a dead man-specifically the sheriff of this here town coming back to earth to earn his wings. It seems he was shot in the back by one of the varmints and characters you are about to meet. You see it seems the sheriff can’t get in to the pearly gates til he discovers who his murderer was. The really fun thing about this murder mystery is the audience can see and hear the sheriff but the other characters can’t.

And boy are they some characters. We have Fanny Jokely fastest gun is these here parts. Seems Fanny thinks she should be the next sheriff. Matt Bastardson gambler and in search of his real father, And, Mona Loosely the saloon girl who is a floosy in every sense of the word. She just loved the sheriff and all the other guys in town too. Well, the audience with the help of the invisible sheriff a few songs and a group of madcap suspects finally figure it out. Along the way this interactive comedy creates another enjoyable and entertaining night to remember.